“Painting is as much a part of my life as are breathing, laughing, cultivating the earth and travelling. I feel a deep connection with the natural world of which we form a part and from where I receive all of my inspiration. When my hands grasp the brushes and I sit in front of the easel the world is transformed and I am incapable of seeing anything as unattractive. Colours appear brighter and the message blends with form and tones, hearts open and sprout like seeds, sing like birds in spring, and vibrate in tune with the earth.”

Current work 2014 ~ 2017

This is a very productive period where days are too short to be able to capture all of the images which occur to me. My hands fly, oils shine and projects appear on the horizon.

Costa Rica 2006 ~ 2013

I was captivated by the magic of Costa Rica for many years. Years of abundant productivity, like the earth I was surrounded by, full of lights and shadows, of learning and unlearning. Time flew and ideas sprouted, wrapped in marvel and pure life.

London 2002 ~ 2005

The city of London was, for me, the university of life. It taught me to learn about other realities and possibilities. Searching within its hidden places I found new materials and ideas.

Rome 2000 ~ 2001

I was awarded a scholarship to finish my degree in Fine Arts in Rome. This awoke within me a deep interest in travelling, in discovering landscapes and different cultures. My imagination soared as my heart searched for new adventures and colours.

Origins 1995 ~ 1999

I studied Fine Arts in the University of La Laguna in Tenerife, my island of birth. I started to play with forms and colours, creating characters and imaginary worlds, experimenting with techniques and investigating my interior creativity.